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DP Communications is your partner in addressing your Unified Communications needs. Whether you are moving offices or adding locations, DP Communications can provide you with the solution to meet your every requirement.  Call us today at 281-666-4001 or 1-866 GO GET DP (866-464-3837) to discuss your technology needs with one of our highly trained professionals.


DP Communications offers the SMB market a great premise solution in the Avaya IP Office platform. It has many options that the larger PBX systems have, but at a reduced cost, and in a smaller package. The system can be implemented for the sub-20 offices, but can provide communication for 1000 users.

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Avaya, IP Office, IPO, 500 v2
IP500 V2 Control Unit
IP500 V2
IP500 V2 Mu-Law SD Card IP500 V2 SD card
IPO Essential Edition upgrade
IP Office license
IPO Preferred Edition Upgrade
(Essential required; adds VM Pro)
IP Office License
IP500 V2 Combo Card
(2 analog, 6 digital, 4 POTS, 10 VCM)
IP500 V2 Combo card
IPO Analog Trunk 4 ports daughter card
IP500 Analog Trunk 4 port card
IPO PRI/T1 trunk card
(with 8 channels)
IP500 PRI card
IPO 8 digital extension card
IP500 Digital phone 8 port card
 IPO IP Endpoint 5 users
IP Office License
IPO Power User 5 users
IP Office License
IPO 9508 digital phone
Avaya 9508 digital phone
IPO 9641G IP phone
Avaya 9641G IP phone

In addition, DP Communications is providing a Hosted Solution through Panasonic, and their partnership with Jive and OnSIP. No matter your industry, a hosted solution can be put together to meet the needs of your entire office and remote locations.

Panasonic, SIP, Jive, OnSIP

Why Panasonic SIP?

Read all about a Panasonic hosted solution on the
 Panasonic page, and about the offerings by Jive and OnSIP.

 Corded SIP Phones

 Cordless SIP Phones


Today, many VoIP phone manufacturers are claiming "flexibility". Unlike the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) services, the VoIP flexibility gives the liberty for users to expand or add telephone lines to their existing systems. Despite the work area, one can enjoy flexibility in accessing calls. Also, It has been a long standing desire for I.T. Administrators to manage the Phone System.

Regardless of the geographical area, VoIP flexibility allows the users to access their service providers from anywhere globally. As a matter of fact, the users can carry their IP phones along with them, wherever they go.
These solutions are flexible; they provide access to local, as well as roaming calls at comparatively lower rates.
This is made possible because Internet telephony functions on the principle of packet switching.
In this, the analog voice is converted into digital format before being transferred over the Internet. Therefore, in the areas such as airports, parks and cafes one can enjoy cost-effective communication with ease; these areas can be easily converted into wireless hot spots for this purpose.

The VoIP services come with attractive packages that facilitate both communication, as well as entertainment. They are perfect for making tasks more convenient and efficient. Unlike PSTN services, the users are able to enjoy the entire range of services for an affordable rate. Therefore, it can be said that VoIP puts all the services together in a flexible package, wherein telephone, digital television, high-end Internet access and many more are made available to the users. The users are able to save their money while opting for state-of-the-art services.

The cost saving and voice quality are two basic objectives of VoIP technology. As a matter of fact, the cost efficiency features have helped the SOHO and long distance callers to enjoy calling at substantially lower rates. This is mainly due to the fact that in the call termination, the broadband Internet connection is used, which means the heavy taxes and charges that would usually be incurred with regular telephone companies can be avoided. Secondly, the VoIP also claims excellent voice quality. With these basic functions, there is a definite improvement in the productivity of the organizations.

The users also enjoy the value added benefits that have increased with the popularity of the technology. The VoIP flexibility ensure that the users have available some of the common value added benefits including caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, speed dialing, call forwarding, conference calling, and free voice mail.

To conclude, it can be said that with the rise in the demand for the latest IP solutions, communication has become more flexible. Moreover, the Internet telephony services are making their way into the advanced telecom sector with new and more innovative tools. Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, are necessary to ensure the VoIP connection is dependable enough for your business needs.

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